Safe. Reliable. Commited.

Titan Casing is Committed to Safety.

Titan Casing is proud of it’s safety program and the success we have had in preventing injuries.  We integrate safe practices into our normal work routine and we instill in employees the awareness that each crew member is personally responsible to actively assess the hazards of the job and then share this awareness with all crew members.  The result: Jobs are completed without injury and at a productive pace. Titan Casing employees understand that by working safety and productively they are providing the best service to our customers and ultimately to themselves and their families.

Titan Casing is a member of ISN and has a complete safety manual that addresses the full complement of written safety programs typically required by the major oil and gas operators including applicable OSHA compliance considerations.

The result of these efforts? Our Total Recordable Incident Rate is “0.00” for 2015, 2016, 2017, and year-to-date for 2018.

We Value
Hard Work
and Quality.

Our companies offer competitive pricing on rental equipment for partial, semi and full rig packages. In addition to rental and sales, we offer a wide variety of services to accommodate the growing needs of our customers. Prices and services can be tailored to meet the needs of our clients.



Pick Up and Lay-Down Services

Pick Up and Lay-Down Services

Clean & Drift

Clean & Drift

CRT Services

CRT Services

Pride in Performance


The last thing we want to be thought of is just another vendor. Our goal is to be a part of the team, and while we are on the rig, it’s our home too and we treat the people and equipment accordingly.

From our people to our tools, we only work with the best!

Casing Services

From back up tongs and elevators to on-board PTOs and power units, we make sure we can finish any casing run safely and efficiently.

You can trust our tools and equipment to be ready and safe. We have a rigorous maintenance program to ensure every piece of our inventory is up to our standard.

Pick-Up & Lay-Down Services

Still the fastest way to get casing to the rig floor. The pick-up/lay-down machine is a great answer for a tight location or a slow catwalk.

Our operators are highly trained and have years of experience running lay-down machines.

Clean & Drift

We don’t use any solvent in our pipe cleaning program, just hot water and work. This leaves a very bright pin and box end without leaving dry threads.

Casing Running Tool Services

The CRT tool is designed to let you make-up, break-out, reciprocate, rotate, circulate, fill and cement casing and liner strings.

These tools allow you to push or pull the string with the full weight and force of the rig, and ensures your casing gets to bottom safely.

Computerized Torque Turn Monitoring

We offer the latest in equipment and software for computerized torque turn monitoring along with highly-trained and experienced technicians to operate it.

What We Do:

Titan provides a variety of specialty services including casing, clean and drift, CRT, torque turn, and lay-down. Titan’s maintenance and equipment replacement policy allows us to offer our customers quality equipment in any size and provides backup equipment on location to improve efficiency. Unlike other casing companies, Titan’s approach to developing specific casing crews assigned to individual rigs guarantees a consistent crew capable of providing superior, consistent service on every job.

Titan Casing is an experienced oilfield service company with corporate headquarters in Cody, WY and offices and shops in Wyoming and Colorado. Titan provides clean and drift services, casing services, CRT, torque turn services, and other specialty services to meet our clients’ needs. Unlike other casing companies, Titan’s approach is to develop casing crews assigned to an individual rig. In doing so, our customers will see the same personnel for every job who understand the specific requirements of that particular rig. This has allowed us to provide superior, consistent service on every job we complete.


Hands down runs the best casing crew I have seen in my 25 years in the oilfield.

Company Man, Whiting Oil and Gas

I won’t use anybody else. Titan leaves the rig floor cleaner than when they show up, they cut down on my costs. Titan knows more about running casing than anybody out there. Bob, Titan’s Lead Supervisor expects more out of his casing crew than I do, which is a lot.

Company Man, Denbury Resources

It is nice to see you guys are not trying to be the biggest out there, but the best. I see your guys so much I know them all by name and my hands consider them part of our crew. As long is my rig is standing, you guys will be running my casing.

Company Man, Whiting Oil and Gas

I hate seeing a different crew, with different guys show up at my rig for every job. Titan has built a crew specifically for my rig, which understands my drilling program and can get the job done better than any company out there. Any of these guys leave Titan and I am hiring them.

Company Man, Whiting Oil and Gas